Don Cooper
Don is the Split Pea’s drummer. Don was raised in Phoenix Arizona. He claims he moved to Sioux Falls because he was sick of the color of dirt, and to escape "the harsh Arizona winters." Says Don, "Oh sure, it all looks like warm, sunny days in January, but there were dangers. Like one time our car got stalled in Sun City. We were terrified! There were retired people all around us – one of them shook his cane at me and told me to get a haircut. We were lucky to escape without having to play in the shuffleboard tournament!" Despite the trials of his youth, Don is an incredible drummer. Don has played in extremely successful local acts such as Crash Alley, and The Glory Holes, yet he still finds time to play in the Split Pea Band. Says Jeff, "Don’s playing is so fluent, and his timing is impeccable. You could set a watch to him. Plus, his decision-making skills are uncanny under pressure situations. Why just the other morning, I was sitting in a restaurant, trying to decide between pancakes and toast, when Don walked up. ‘Vodka’ is all he said. Suddenly it all seemed so clear! Why didn’t I think of that! Needless to say, Mrs. Butterworth got her ass kicked by Mr. Smirnoff that day."


(Porn Star Name: Blackie San Juan)

That's Don on the far right!!