J. T. -- Jerry Turner has long been known as the "bastard brother" in the band. Renowned for never practicing a lead in his life, Jerry, who plays electric guitar, fit in nicely with The Cartwright Brothers' rigid rehearsal schedule. "Who?" Said Mark, when asked about J.T.'s eight dedicated years of showing up if and when he felt like it. "It was always nice to have someone to watch the JT the bastard brothergear while we loaded out," added Jeff. "That guy was... what's the word people are using nowadays? Oh yeah... he was really loud." Jerry moved to Miller, South Dakota, where he is enjoying a solo career, but he still makes the pilgrimage to an occasional Cartwright show. "We keep in touch quite regularly," says Jeff. "Occasionally he'll send us a couple of mistakes in the mail just so we don't get too comfortable without him."