Just what is the Split Pea Band?

Sometimes, when you see The Cartwright Brothers, you may notice a few "extra" Cartwrights. Congratulations! You’ve just encountered a spotting of "The Split Pea Band." The Split Pea Band is very similar to Robin Hood's band of merry men in the fact that they’re very merry, seldom seen, they expect their leaders to pick up the bar tab, and they rarely wear underpants. On any given night, you may see anywhere from one to four extra "Peas" on stage. Although each "Pea" could easily find work with any band in the area, they seem to show some sort of mild allegiance to the Cartwrights, proving that an open bar tab is worth more than self-worth any day.

Just who is the Split Pea Band?

Monte Beringer Brian "Beno" Detmers
Don Cooper

Split Pea Alumni Members

All alumni members are still members.  They just miss more gigs...

  J. T. - Jerry Turner   Dave VanRoekel
Robin Snow George Puder