Robin Snow

After having an epiphany that shooting ground squirrels would be a dead end career, Robin (aka FL) Snow began playing guitar at the age of 16. In 1979 he was a cofounder of the 'Bloody Marys', a South Dakota based group that was referred to as "the best Funk Polka Punk band yet to come out of the upper Mississippi Valley" by Billboard Magazine in 1983*. The BMs were a favorite of the ballroom circuit, with the highlight of their careers being the opening act for the Red Skelton 'better dead than red' tour in 1985.

The Bloody Marys broke up in 1986 after an exhaustive half decade of touring. The catalyst of the breakup was Robin's collapse on stage and being rushed into the Milwaukee General Hospital ER in May of that year for an emergency vasectomy. This event was followed by several months of doctor ordered rest.
During this period the other BMs grew restless, splintering off to form an obscure Notre Dame Marching Band tribute band known as the 'Hail Marys".

After his recovery, Robin Snow played in numerous Midwestern acts, including:  Elessar, High Plains Band, HPB, Megaton, The Rockers, Darma Crickets, and last but not least the Split Pea Band.

Robin currently plays second fiddle in Stranded With Norman.

*claim not verified